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Vijay Daita

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Spring 2019

Android Nanodegree

Fall 2016

Programming Mobile Applications for Android 2

University of Maryland on Coursera


November 2019


Athena Capital @ Bloomfield Hills High School

A club at Bloomfield Hills High School with the intention of creating an algorithm to trade stocks.

September 2019

Android Associate Developer

Credential.net Verification

September 2019


Civic Philharmonic Orchestra @ Wu Family Academy

1st Violin

July-August 2019


The Little Stars Foundation

Taught middle-school students the basics of programming in Python to get them interested in programming.

July 2019


Southeast Michigan Computing Organization

Presented basics of Android App Development, resources needed to get started, and walked through how to make an application.

Dec 2016


WIES Design Competition @ UToronto

Won 1st Place


Best at

Python, Android App Developement with Java or Kotlin, Java

Pretty good at

Vue.js (web development) with Firebase integrations, Python for website development, working with Linux

Can do

Python for Data Science, Arduino, Node.js



Perjou (personal journal)

Progressive Web App - Basic Social Media App

Social network app built with Material Design, Vue.js and Google Cloud Firestore. Frequently got the latest news using NewsAPI. Intended to be used as a forum for schoolmates, but my school banned phones that year.


Web App - Practice Tool

Designed to help students learn how to play songs by allowing themselves to compare their playing to the playing of a master file. Involved the use of web audio APIs. Used silence detection to cut out quiet parts.

Edge Case Detection for CNC Shop

Arduino Consulting

I assisted a CNC Shop owner in writing code for their CNC system where it would be able to stop operations in the case of a failure.

Count Smart

Android - Proof of concept counter app

Created a counting app with graphs. Used Google Apps Script to allow users to save data in the cloud.


Android - A joke app that "classifies ants". I didn't train the model on enough data.

Used Tensorflow for Poets 2 to create a model that classifies ants and integrated it into an app. It doesn't work very well in extreme environments.


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