Club President, Athena Capital

Founded in 2019, Athena Capital uses reinforcement learning to make stock market predictions.

Co-founder at Todopensa

A charitable organization teaching kids in the Metro Detroit area how to code.


euvsvirus hackathon project - created the android app


used natural langugage processing to get info from scientific papers and validated results of models | in progress


worked on developing the Android application | in progress

Congressional App Challenge

finalist - skin cancer detection app

CNC Arduino

used Arduino for edge case detection | completed

Count Smart

smart counter with upload to Google Sheets & other features.


classify household ants - TensorFlow with a small dataset.

Bubble Pop

play app to relieve stress.

US States & Capitals

my first app that presents information.

Praxa - a web app

compare your skill (singing, playing an instrument) against a 'master' file.


contact me today and let me help you realize how artifical intelligence could be implemented in your business to improve your bottomline.